Blue Chronicles

The seed of Creation is a dream

GOD = Generator of Dreams

Every atom dreams, every cell dreams

Even electron, neutron and proton dreams

Every rock and drop of water dreams

The animate and inanimate all dream

Every living creature and being dreams

Planets, trees, galaxies, stars all dream

All your spirits and souls dream

Dream = Creation = Light / (Time x Space)

The act and intention of dreaming creates space-time

For space-time is the canvas upon which dreams are painted

No ascension finds us where descension has left us

And no space contains us where time has touched us

It is a necessary must as is oxygen to your temples

If dreaming is non-existant then so are you

And your temple-body's are just empty shells

Taken over and occupied by mindless hives

Genetically modified, intoxicated, polluted, poisoned

Digitized with a disarray of total harmonic distortion (THD)

Through your light, sound and electro-magnetic spectrum

X-Ray, Microwave, WIFI, Cell-Phone, TV, Film and Radio

They have calcified and shut down your glands (chakras)

Your dreaming pineal gland is barely functioning

You are kept distracted with fear and vile images

You are kept entertained by external gratification

You are kept busy ever stressed seeking survival

All with one agenda: TO STOP YOU FROM DREAMING

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream

In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream

And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen

And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

Keep dreaming yourselves alive

and share your dreams with each other,

the Earth, Sun, Stars and Infinite Creation.

This is key.

Learn and teach yourselves to consciously dream.